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What I am Not

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I am not your sex doll

You can’t pull me out the cupboard when your prick pleases

You prick

I am not a play thing for a rainy day, stowed away again when you’ve filled me

And had your fill

I am not a casual fling

I am more than just a fuck

My ‘open minded-ness, my ‘free spirit’, my ‘zest for life’ that you like so much

Does not negate respect

I am the slut and the carer, the lover and the girlfriend

I am not your bit of fun for now

I am not your one lover who was wild

I am not someone you once fucked for a while just for fun

I am not here just to ‘teach you some things’

More comes with this, more comes with me

There are strings attached

There are strings attached

I am not a girl who is just looking for fun

I am not a girl who won't make things complicated

I am not a girl

I am a woman

I am not hurt

I am not upset

I am not angry

I am disappointed and I am unsurprised

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