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My Story

I had a fascinating childhood growing up all over the world - and I mean all over! From Asia to South America, Europe and even the Middle East.


Meeting humans from all around the world and becoming part of everyone else's culture, I developed a deep fascination for human psychology, especially the taboo. I would study and analyse why we behave the way we do, follow the rules we do, and believe the stories we're told.


In my research I found that no matter which continent I was on, there was a deep rooted fear of sex and pleasure. It was either forbidden, weaponised or totally misunderstood! 

Having never experienced a solo orgasm until I was 27, chronic vaginitis from the age of 29 and many childhood years of slut shaming, was I also the product of an erotophobic world?! 


In 2019, after 5 years of my own research in human sexuality, one massive heartbreak (I like to call this my Saturn Return relationship ;) and lots of existential questions, I decided to quit my job in the luxury travel industry and start helping people like you and I get back in touch with their bodies, have mind-blowing orgasms, and experience, healthy soul connected relationships.

Nothing fulfils me more than making my clients successful...


We only get one shot in this lifetime!

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