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4 months to transform your sex life

Sex is the basis of everything and yet we are taught nothing about it.

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Hi! I'm Alejandra, your
Sex & Relationship Coach

I started The 5th house to help people go from having 'meh' sex to having mind-blowing sex

In my years of coaching I've uncovered some cosmic truths:

  • We all carry some degree of shame about our bodies and desires, that hinder our truest expressions.

  • If you do not address your childhood traumas, your relationship will

  • We can all (including you!) learn how to create deep soul connections and have epic embodied sex!

As an Accredited Holistic Sex Educator from the Institute of Sexual Education & Enlightenment (ISEE) and a graduate of Layla Martin's VITA™ Tantric Coaching Program, I've crafted 4 coaching programs that will transform you from the inside out. Don't just take my word for it—ask my clients! 


I've also delved into the realm of domination, submission, and all things kink, trained by a professional dominatrix. Yes, it was as thrilling and eye-opening as it sounds! 

My coaching methodology isn't just about certificates; it's a fusion of academic, holistic, and somatic training, blended with my own wild and wonderful experiences.


Book in for a 45 minute free consultation or drop me a Whatsapp! 

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An epic revival that goes beyond the bedroom in

Your Present Story

Life has become a routine, and so has your sex life. Even though the love is there, the thrill has faded. You're yearning for that spark, that magnetic energy that used to define your connection. You are stuck repeating the same arguments and your needs aren’t being met. 

Your Future Reality

Rekindle the excitement that brought you together in the first place. Your connection will exude a new found chemistry that even the people around you will comment on. You’re a duo that not only loves each other but can’t take your hands off each other. Imagine having those challenging conversations without the lingering resentment, where both of your needs are not just met but exceeded. Picture a love so deep that it's magnetic, drawing you closer every day. You know your partner's turn-ons and have a few tricks up your sleeve to surprise and delight them.

How We'll Get There

  • Learn how to reprogram your erotic pathways to have epic embodied sex

  • Understand how your attachment styles are creating misalignments so you can get unstuck

  • Role play communication and boundary tools

  • Incorporate kink principles to add dimensions and bring polarity and heat back into your sex life

  • Discover what your deepest desires and fantasies are so that you can both start getting your most authentic needs met and finally treat each other to what really turns you both on

  • Go to the depths of vulnerability to start achieving life changing breakthroughs 

What you get

  • Weekly expertly-guided coaching calls 

  • Unlimited access to me via Whatsapp 

  • Customised Action Plans to reach your unique goal

  • High level accountability and feedback to keep you on track

  • Weekly high-end personalised practices and integrative homework

  • Real life role play scenarios to build confidence

  • Extensive Reading list to support your progress

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Male, 35, Life Coach, London

“I learned a ton about uncovering and exploring my fantasies, which I had supressed for a long time.
I now feel more liberated and confident as a person than I have ever felt"

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