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From Novice to master

master the art of sex, relationships and seduction with private coaching by alejandra welsh peÑa

Do you recognise any of these?

  • Do you find yourself questioning whether you're truly satisfying your partner(s) in the bedroom?

  • Do you want to level up from having 'meh' sex to having mind blowing sex?

  • Do you still deeply love your partner, but feel like the spark and excitement in your sexual relationship has faded?

  • Are you struggling to find your life partner despite actively dating and writing out hundreds of manifestations?

  • Are you experiencing challenges in commitment, feeling afraid of vulnerability, or struggling with trust within your relationships?

  • Are you questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity and seeking support and guidance during this exploration?

  • Do you find yourself getting uninterested quickly or cheating on your partner(s) and can't get out of the cyle?

  • Do you have a fantasy or desire that you're ashamed of exploring which is holding you back sexually?

  • Are you having trouble keeping an erection, orgasming too quickly, or not orgasming at all?

You're in luck! None of these are actual problems

I will teach you to be confident, fulfilled and maximise one of the most important pillars of life.

meet your coach

Sex is the basis of everything and yet we are taught nothing about it. 

I’ve developed a 1:1 coaching programme that will identify your relationship with sex and how to realise your full potential.


Accredited as a Holistic Sex Educator by the Institute of Sexual Education and Enlightenment, and currently training under Layla Martin's VITA Tantric Coaching Programme, I will coach you with multiple disciplines, from kink and fantasy exploration, communication & boundary work, to personalised guided meditations, tantric/genital breathwork, masturbation rituals and much more ;)

I will arm you with the tools, materials and practices to hone your skills, and with my hands on approach I will hold you accountable throughout our process.


I will only work with those of who are committed to actively growing. 

Ready to ignite your desires, unravel your inhibitions, and revolutionize your intimate world? Together we'll unlock the secrets to a profoundly fulfilling and unrivaled sex life.

" I had at least one 'Aha' moment every session"

- male 27


"Even after one session I felt a different person, both in my sex life but also the openess and closeness with my wife"

-Male, 38

Consider this the first step of a new commitment to yourself.

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male, 39
10 year relationship

All my barriers to doing this were broken in the first 10 minutes.


I was talking about thinkgs to her and my wife that I would never have dreamt of telling anyone and it all felt so natural and empowering.

Alejandra is unbelievably knowledgable about everything I wanted to talk about.

33- 37

6 year relationship

My girlfriend suggested we take a Discovery Couple’s Package with Ale, although with reservation I accepted.

Alejandra’s personalised approach built rapport and trust.


She helped us remove our taboos around sex, explaining the conditioning society has instilled or expectations of what/how sex should be. This gave us both a sense of security where we felt comfortable to share freely with each other in ways we never have.

female, 35

I had been struggling with a disconnection from pleasure.

Since working with Alejandra, my life has transformed in so many ways. I feel more empowered and connected to myself.


I have a greater understanding of my own desires and I am able to meet myself where I'm at with less shame, more ownership & trust.

male, 34
1 year relationship

I learned a ton about uncovering and exploring my fantasies, which I had supressed for a long time.

She gave me practical exercises which helped me integrate our work outside of session.

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