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A Sex Education Platform for adults.

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we offer online and offline experiences, courses and workshops so that you can become your own sexual expert

Fernanda, She/They

"The 5th House were really great, engaging hosts. They put together information I wouldn't have pieced together myself and included lots of fun interactive moments. Would love to join in with any future webinars and bring my friends along too!"

Own Your Pleasure Webinar, Online

Eric, He/Him

Beautifully conceived, bravely arranged. The poetry and the setting were beautiful. The night was provocative but playful, erotically charged without being intimidating. And the intention towards connection, openness and intimacy is something the world is craving.

Touching the Senses, Lisbon, Portugal

Aurelie, She/Her

My partner and I attended Wakamp, a holistic festival. We enjoyed learning new ways of communicating in our intimate space. I realised how important it is to be transparent with one another during sex or when sharing any physical act of pleasure. An emotionally and psychologically valuable experience.

Wakana Festival, Cadiz, Spain

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