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How to take a great dick pic

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Dick pics… the marmite of sexting. Do you love them or hate them?

We asked our followers what they thought about consensual dick pics and it was a surprisingly close call. 57% of heterosexual women said they didn’t enjoy receiving dick pics, while 43% were firmly in the “love them” camp. Similarly, 44% of men found it a turn on to send them, while 56% said it wasn’t their thing.

Personally, I’ve moved from “hate them” to “love them”. However… only in very specific circumstances. My early experiences of dick pics were predominantly receiving unsolicited ones, from people I’d never met, and this absolutely turned me off. But tarring all dick pics with the same brush is unfair. The more I receive consensual pictures - of appendages I’m invested in - the more I am growing to love them.

Here's your definitive guide on how to take a great dick pic, from someone who’s received quite a few, and learned to love them, featuring some great insights from our followers, too. You’re welcome.

When do I send a dick pic?

When you have enthusiastic consent

While aesthetics are important (we’ll get to those later) the key to a well-received dick pic is enthusiastic consent, at a bare minimum. Always ask before sending a picture of your genitals. You may think asking is a mood-killer, but trust me… it’s got potential to be the opposite. And, if the person you want to send the picture to does decline, accept their no graciously (but feel free to let them know they can request a dick pic if they’re ever in the mood.)

To someone who is invested in your dick

What’s even better than a dick pic sent with enthusiastic consent? A dick pic sent to someone who: a) feels important to you, and b) has experienced and enjoyed said dick (more often than not in-person). In other words: a hot dick pic is an image of a dick that the recipient is invested in.

Unless you have a specifically sexting-related relationship, sending a dick pic to someone you haven’t met yet is unlikely to have the effect you hope it will. Conversely, sending regular dick pics to someone you’re in a long-distance relationship with, or don’t see so often, can be a great way to keep things spicy when you’re apart.

So… what makes a dick pic great?

The best dick pics…

Are taken just for me

You might have your archive of favourites, the ones where you’re really proud of how your dick looks. You know the ones. But dick pics only really go down (ahem) well if they’ve been taken for me. I don’t want a dick pic you took last year while you were sexting someone else… I want one that I inspired. I want to know the effect I have on you. I want you to want to impress me. I want you to impress me.

Start off subtly

The best dick pic I ever received was of a man wearing unzipped jeans and a tight-ish t-shirt reclining on his bed. His penis was semi-erect, laying on his stomach, and I could see its outline through the t-shirt. The image is etched on my brain to this day.

While there’s a time and a place for a full on boner shot, almost half (42%) of our followers preferred the outline or silhouette. Subtlety builds the tension and leaves room for the imagination. Plus - and sorry to be blunt - fulfilling partnered sex is about so much more than just your dick. Massage her brain first.

Are a piece of art

If and when you do have enthusiastic consent to send a full on nude, make it art. Really. Lighting, angles, backdrop… put some thought into the picture.

Find some good angles that perhaps show a little of the rest of you too - your thighs, your stomach, whichever parts of your body the recipient of your pictures likes. Use your timer to capture more interesting angles. Play with lighting and shadows and reflections.

It doesn’t take long to figure out what works and what doesn’t and trust me, when you send something that is well received you will know.

Are on location. Location. Location

Your backdrop doesn't have to be glam, but be as creative as you can. Use different rooms - the shower is a great place for pictures - and tidy up as a bare minimum.

Some of my favourite dick pics have been ones that push the boundaries a little, ones that are taken in places they shouldn’t be taken. At your desk. In your grandma’s bathroom. In a lift or a shop changing room. Somewhere you might (but probably won't!) get caught. And definitely somewhere you shouldn’t be thinking about sex.

Of course you don’t want to get in trouble for indecent exposure but, quite frankly, the more “taboo” the better. Calculated risks can pay off…

Aren’t always of an erect penis

Interestingly, while the majority of people do seem to prefer the dick in a pic to be erect, some do not. Natural nudes that show someone as they are at any given moment - “just chillin’” - are also a popular choice, as are post-orgasm pictures.

If you are going to take a picture of your erect penis, though, the recipient is likely to see the whole thing in all its glory - so they can imagine it throbbing to their touch. If said erection is in direct response to a picture sent to you, then a caption like: “Look what your pic did to me,” might go down pretty well. If it’s not, well, you might want to reconsider why you’re sending the pic in the first place…

Are more than just your dick

While your dick is likely an integral part of sex, it isn’t the only thing we want to see in a dick pic. Showing some context - where you are, what else you’re wearing (if anything) can be super hot.

Including your face is also a real plus. Obviously there is a great deal of trust that goes into sending nudes that include your face (nudes in general, really) but showing your expression as well as your erection is a real turn on. Props can also be a real winner. Use your imagination.

Are a bit silly on occasion

Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of humour into a dick pic every now and then. Another great pic I once received was sent in the run-up to Christmas. A guy had taken multiple nudes, in various places and positions in his lounge - with festive props covering his modesty - and then superimposed them all onto one image. It was truly brilliant. It made me laugh out loud, but it also made me want to jump his bones.

Are actually videos

However, unsurprisingly, it turns out that the BEST dick pics aren’t pics at all… they’re videos. All the above still stands - make it enthusiastically consensual, make it for me, make it arty, make it fun (the odd windmill video is a treat), make me want to jump you - but live action trumps stills any day.

Include sound - hearing you groan is the biggest turn on - but even better, talk to me: tell me what you’re thinking about doing to me.

And if you want a challenge… make a boomerang of a cum shot. There’s nothing quite like it.

In conclusion

A good dick pic is taken with a bit of time and effort. It's sent with enthusiastic consent and the intention of eliciting a positive response from the person you are sending it to.

However, this is just a guide, the bare essentials.

The biggest bit of advice, if you’re wanting to send a consensual dick pic? Ask the recipient what THEY would like to receive. That way you are setting yourself - and the person you are sexting - up for success.

Image cedit: @cliffordprinceking

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