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Chill Broad, Bitch Boi; Twink: What Sexual Slang Reveals About Gen Z'ers

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Gen Z are known for their next level dislike of skinny jeans and side parts. In terms of dating,

hook-ups and fluid notions of intimacy is where it’s at. As the largest generation in history, their

perspectives on sex and pretty much everything has cultural significance for us all. Are they as

inclusive as we have been told?

I asked this question to twenty-three Gen Z undergraduate students who attend the university

where I work in London, Ontario. Their insights were fascinating! This article explores their

sexual slang and what it reveals about gender inclusivity.

A-Z of gen z slang

Sixty terms were identified and many of them reflect the tensions that exist between traditional

patriarchal ideas of sexuality and gender and more contemporary orientations.

1. ANIMALS- bears, otters, wolves, cubs- terms used in gay/queer cultures

2. BADDY- girls who sleep around, not full-on slut but close

3. BEAUT- short for “beauty”, used to refer mainly to attractive women

4. BIG DICK ENERGY- men who are sexually confident and exude major sexual vibes

5. BITCH- taken up by all genders in ‘playful’ ways, guys say “that’s my bitch” (“that’s my girl”)

6. BITCH BOI/Y- guy who’s too emotional, pathetic, girl-like or more feminine

7. BOO- boy/girlfriend, someone you’re seeing, or maybe also talking to

8. BODY COUNT- number of people slept with, typically used by men

9. BRO CULTURE- dominant masculine culture on campus: all about the boys, sex, party, fitness

10. BROAD- tomboy, don’t call guys on their shit, masculine but hot, no emotional attachment

11. BUTCH-re-appropriated term used by lesbian women, similar to “fag” among gay men

12. CUNT- sometimes used by men instead of ‘slut’

13. DATING- relationship that is significant and often exclusive

14. DUTTY- aka “dirty”, refers to a girl who sleeps around (Toronto term, specifically Jamaican)

15. DYKE- re-appropriated term used by lesbian women, similar to “fag” among gay men

16. EASY- girl who has lots of casual sex, sometimes used instead of “slut”

17. FAG- playful self-referential term used among gay/queer men (“aah fag”)

18. FAGGOTT- Toronto term for guy who’s not living up to masculine ideals

19. FUCK BOI/Y- term girls use for guy who’ll do anything to get laid, only fucking material

20. FWB (friends with benefits)- quite commonly used to refer to casual sex or DL relationship

21. GOING OUT- older term heard less frequently to refer to ‘seeing’ or ‘talking’ to someone

22. HEAD ASS- literally ‘head is in their ass’, when someone is so in love with another person

23. “HE’S SO GAY”- synonym for faggot and in some cases “sad/bitch boy”

24. HO-positive, non-sexual reference among women (“me & my hoes”); men can be “hos” too

25. HOOKUP- casual sex or sex

26. HOT GIRL SUMMER- living your best life, taking care of yourself, not taking shit, liberating

27. HOT ZONES- places where gay guys meet for sex

28. KILL COUNT- number of people slept with, typically used by men

29. LESBIAN- older term some gay women use for themselves, sometimes used derogatorily

30. MAG- London term when you throw up from drinking (“yo, I’m gonna go mag”)

31. NICE GUY- guy who’s actually not nice and turns on women if they don’t respond to him

32. PARTNER- used in queer community to formalize/normalize relationships

33. PLAYER- like a fuck boy, guy who fucks a lot

34. POST-NUT CLARITY- post-coital regret about sleeping with a woman

35. PUM- slang term for pussy

36. RELATIONSHIP- something elusive, feared, and significant; almost akin to “marriage”

37. SAD BOY/I- another term for “bitch boy”

38. “SATURDAY’S ARE FOR THE BOYS” or “she’s for the boys”- akin to “chill broad”

39. SCREWING- synonym for “having sex”, “seeing someone” or “talking”

40. SEEING SOMEONE- versus “boy/girlfriend”, although it’s often similar

41. SHIP- to vouch for, like “stan” and u want them to get together (“I ship X + Y so hard”)

42. SIGNIFICANT OTHER-instead of ‘boy/girlfriend’, used in particular contexts (formal, family)

43. SHORTY- Toronto term for female to hookup with

44. SIDE PIECE- girl on the side, someone guys go to just for sex

45. SLUT-derogatory term that is being re-appropriated by women (“Ima dress slutty tonight”)

46. STAN- to vouch for a couple or someone you want to “ship”

47. STUD- older term to refer to guys with sexual mojo or gay women with game

48. TALKING- earlier stages of “seeing someone”, can include hookups or FWB

49. t/T- drama and an exciting dating/romance prospect, type “t” for basic and “T” for intense

50. “THAT’S MY MAN”- something girls say instead of “he’s my boyfriend”

51. THING- another term for “seeing someone”

52. THOT- That Ho Over There and/or Thotianna by Blue Face, few people use it anymore

53. TING- slightly more significant than “thing” (Toronto term, specifically Jamaican)

54. TOXIC MASCULINITY- hyper-aggressive, sexist masculine displays

55. TRANNY- derogatory term for “transgender” used to be heard more often

56. TWINK- comical term for someone who is “gay and very outgoing about it”

57. VERSED- slang term for “versatile”, referring to a gay or bi guy who tops and bottoms

58. WHEELING- older term, slightly more juvenile and refers to early stages of “talking”

59. WHORE-demeaning term for women with multiple sexual partners, less common than “ho”

60. WIFEY- girl who’s long-term investment material (“she’s wifey”, “wifey that”)

wrapping up:

Varied and funny in some respects, the Gen Z lingo reveals three troubling themes: (1)

Privileging hypermasculinity (“big dick energy”; “kill count”), (2) Vilification of female sexuality

(“dutty”, “cunt”), and (3) Discriminating against gay men (“faggott”; “he’s so gay”). The

students don’t necessarily condone these terms, but they still circulate within local campus


One of the biggest takeaways from this study is the need to mobilize opportunities to talk about sex, intimacy, and how language itself can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and violence. In Canada and elsewhere, sexual education often takes place in elementary and high school, but not university. This needs to change.

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